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New Jersey to Review 100-Year-Old Tint Law

A change may be coming to New Jersey’s tint laws. Due to a number of court cases challenging its laws regarding window tint, the New Jersey Law Revision Commission will review whether or not the laws need to change. The specific laws include N.J.S. 39:3-74, which states: “No person shall drive any motor vehicle with […]

Tint World Opens New Georgia Location

Tint World continues its rapid expansion with a new location in Georgia. Owned by Antonio Mattei, the Tyrone, Ga.-based location is the state’s ninth. “The team here at Tint World Tyrone is committed to providing high-quality products, trusted service and true value to customers throughout Fayette County and the greater Atlanta area,” Mattei says. Tint […]

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Event News

Javier Berdugo Places First in Latin American Tinting Competition in Argentina

A congratulations is in order. Javier Berdugo of Baranquilla, Colombia who already had obtained a competition slot for the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off (WFCT) in Orlando, Fla. for 2024, has placed first for the second time this year in tinting competitions in Latin America. He won in Medellin, Colombia in February and then […]

SEMA 2023: Printers, PPF and Sales Pitches

As SEMA wrapped up, so did exhibitors. We spoke with Mutoh, 3M, XPEL and Johnson Window Films on what they were pushing to attendees in Las Vegas.

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Trade Tips

By Casey Flores
Editor, Window Film Magazine

Trade Tips WFCT 2023: What I Missed 

“Every healthy industry has a healthy trade magazine.”   This sentence has rung in my head ever since I heard Debra Levy, Window Film magazine’s publisher, say it. The same can be said for a trade’s convention.   Many industries are not healthy. How would you like to be in mortgage lending right now? What about working […]

Tint Wizdom

By Erik Devash
Founder, Tint Wiz

Tint Wizdom Clicks to Clients: My Top Google Ads Strategies for Success

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, can be an extremely powerful tool for window film businesses looking to get more customers for residential and commercial window tinting. Google Ads can be used for anything, but in the realm of residential and commercial advertising, it can be particularly effective if used correctly. In this post, […]

The Cornerman

By Chris West
Director of Automotive Films, XPEL

The Cornerman The Buck Stops Here

As a business owner or manager, the buck stops with us. What do I mean by that? It means that being able to make decisions effectively is important to the success of our businesses. As a teenager, I remember visiting my father at his office one day. He was the chief financial officer of a […]

The Art of Film

By Matthew Darienzo
CEO, Solar Art

The Art of Film Work in Reverse

One of the best tactics I’ve learned throughout the years is something I like to call “Work in Reverse.” It’s another way to think about goals, but thinking about things in reverse can help achieve goals that may seem out of reach. First, the concept requires an individual to dive into what action they would […]

Changing Tides

By Kristy Yelle
Co-owner, Palmetto Protection Films

Changing Tides Slow Season Diversification

Well, we are officially into Q4, and the month of October is coming to an end. Shortly, the holiday hustle-and-bustle will be upon us and that may leave some business owners with a less-than-full calendar. Depending on your location in the hemisphere, some cooler temps may be on the horizon while others see warmer months. […]