Solamatrix Pulls April Fools Joke

February 17th, 2009 by Editor

St. Petersburg-based Solamatrix issued a press release recently, announcing the introduction of a cherry flavored adhesive system for its Sun-Gard automotive films, claiming the new twist would enhance the installation process for installers. The announcement was issued in a press release, as well as posted on several online forums. If successful, the company announced it would expand its offerings to include lemon-lime, grape and watermelon flavors.

Several endorsements accompanied the release, including one from Solamatrix product developer Candy Kane. “We wanted to give our dealers a sweet deal they couldn’t resist,” Kane explained.

Veteran tinter William Wonka also provided a significant plug for the new concept, exclaiming, “I peeled back the release liner and gave it a try. I licked the adhesive and, sure enough, it tasted like cherry and I was hooked. I tinted five cars that day and admittedly was a little worn out from licking all of that adhesive, but never got tired of that sweet taste.”

The release was made on none other than April 1. Though no flavored adhesives actually exist, the company did warn in its release: “If you pull back the liner and don’t smell a distinct fruit scent, don’t lick it. Most Solamatrix films have not yet been produced with the new adhesive and tasting the original adhesive would not be a pleasant experience and your tongue might get stuck.”

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