Window Film Professionals Group Formed on Linkedin

February 17th, 2009 by Editor

The expression “It’s all in who you know” has been around a long time. But, in recent times the concept and social networking systems behind this belief have changed drastically. Since their debut, web-based social networking sites have taken the world by storm. And one member of the window film industry believes it’s high time for dealers to join in.

“I started a Window Film Professionals group on Linkedin to give people in the industry an opportunity to learn from each other and network in a way that’s not currently possible on [other social networks],” explains Patric Fransko with National Glass Service Group LLC in Dublin, Ohio.

Frankso believes that social networking isn’t so much the wave of the future as much as it’s the now of business prospecting. Once upon a time, Fransko relied on his Microsoft Outlook contacts list for networking (See related article on page 18 of Window Film’s January-February 2009 issue) and though this list hasn’t grown any less important, he has discovered a way to expand it exponentially. And while he has always relied on social networking to generate leads and help link members of the industry together in forming deals, he suggests that new web-based methods should also serve as a source for information sharing.

“There have been many leaders in the industry from installers to manufacturers’ employees that have joined,” Fransko says. In order to even view the group, one must become a Linkedin member. But Frankso believes any dealer who hasn’t already explored these opportunities is behind. “If they are not members of Linked In, they need to join to see the group,” he explains. “However, these dealers really need to be on Linkedin to begin with.”

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  1. I find articles like this very disturbing. First of all, the ‘group’ was started by someone that does more talking then anything else. This person is known for tall tales and anyone who has the kind of time to put into internet groups and posting brags about himself and his company has the time simply because he is not doing any business to speak of. When I want to trade ideas or seek advice about issues in our industry I go to those that are actually busy with the business – not those that just talk about our business.

    Secondly, I find it sad that this magazine publishes such things without really checking out the legitimacy of the person or people involved. I would hope to turn to a source such as this magazine for good information – not just another publicity stunt by an inflated ego.

    Normally I just laugh at articles like this and throw them away. Today I felt compelled to write. My time involved to respond has been about 15 min. (From first thinking about it, then writing and re-writing to be concise, spell check and a re-read to make sure it says what I intended it to.) This is just the time on one little article – imagine the TIME involved to form groups and constantly do internet posts and brags! As mentioned before, anyone that has that much time on their hands has no business on their books!

    Window Film Magazine can do better than this!

  2. Joe,

    Sorry that you feel that way. Months later now and roughly 300 members disagree with you. Some great dialog has been shared in this group from many leaders in the industry. These Web 2.0 tools are real and you really need to reconsider your position on them. As for my business, I can assure you that we are doing just fine. Thank you for the concern.

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