V-KOOL® Expands to Philippines

June 18th, 2009 by Editor

philippinesWindow film manufacturer V-KOOL® International recently announced that the company has expanded its worldwide dealer base to include the Philippines. The company’s iQue® brand of spectrally-selective films will now be offered through Global Frontiers Inc., a Manila-based franchisee. Chi Ho Co, Global Frontier’s president, says there is a particular demand for spectrally-selective products in his company’s region.

“Home and office owners in Philippines, especially in Metro Manila, are more discerning when it comes to window films for their properties,” Co says. “In fact, the Philippines has the highest power costs in the country, next to Japan. For example, power costs accounted for 25- to 30-percent of the overall expenses of electronics and semiconductor firms. Hence, end-users are actively looking for window glazing solutions that do not change the original appearance of clear glass found on residential or commercial buildings … and energy efficient technology that can be easily retrofitted onto window glasses.”

Comprised of some seven thousand islands, the Philippines is home to approximately 90 million people. According to V-KOOL officials, the company’s new franchise arrives in good timing, as the government is increasingly advocating the use of energy efficient products for both homes and offices as well as encouraging its citizens to reduce their carbon footprint.

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  1. Why spend your money to advertise your product, when you do not give the needed information (pricing,shipping and contact,) If your goal is to sell your product? Your going about it all wrong.

  2. I totally agree, v-kool is the best when it comes to window film, it offers many benefits like its infrared heat rejection properties keep both the interior of your vehicle and the glass windows at even temperature, which not only helps prevent intense heat build-up, but also prevents potential breakage or cracking of glass due to harsh and changing weather conditions.

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