A “Smoking” Roll of Film?

July 9th, 2009 by Editor

Most often, when we see the words “cannabis” and “window film” combined, it’s in the police blotters—typically involving illegally dark tint and the discovery of drugs. In the current instance, however, cannabis isn’t hiding behind the film, so much as it’s in the film.


If Cheech and Chong were to select a film, this would likely be it. No, you can’t roll it up and smoke it, as it doesn’t “contain” cannabis, but a Cocoa, Fla.-based company has introduced a new decorative film featuring etched-glass “pot.” Company officials for HipStuffNow.com say the subtle design is a stylish way to decorate homes and businesses with the beauty of Cannabis.

“The Pot Leaf design is discreet, easily recognizable by those in the 420 lifestyle, yet subtle enough that most people never realize the artwork is composed of marijuana leaves,” says HipStuffNow.com spokesperson Jeff Spicoli.

Spicoli says there is a market for this sort of product.

“Hip businesses like nightclubs, hair salons, head shops and coffeehouses are a few of the commercial businesses that have expressed interest in decorating with this new design,” he explains. “And of course the medical marijuana retailers will be using ‘Pot Leaf’ to decorate their storefronts, and many plan to retail the product to their customers.”

Possibly to avoid complicating matters for those who might be interested in this sort of product, the company’s film is adhesive-free. Company officials say this makes it easy for any homeowner or renter to install.

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