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July 1st, 2009 by Editor

When asked if I’d be interested in writing for a marketing blog, my response was an enthusiastic “YES” – followed by a rush of anxiety about coming up with the topic for this inaugural article. It had to be something that would quickly gain your respect and a brief display of my history may help to do that.

I started my career as the owner and manager of a franchised auto aftermarket business providing preservation and restoration services in a small Midwestern college town. Because my roots began at that retail level, I’ve never forgotten what it’s like to begin a day with an empty appointment book reminding me that the phones had better start ringing – and soon!

I’ve been on the corporate end for years now, and have been fortunate to work with firms that provided me with the staff and budget required to create some of the industry’s most effective dealer support materials and programs. But, of all the experiences that contributed to my success, my association with franchising (Pizza Hut & Ziebart) is truly what poured the foundation for my accomplishments as a sales and marketing executive, as well as my current role as an industry marketing consultant.

When I entered the window film industry at the manufacturing level, I quickly saw that the relationship between the manufacturer and its dealers was much like that of a franchisor and its franchisees. I first coined the phrase “franchise like marketing support” in the early 90s – and it’s a concept that is more important than ever today, with manufacturer supported dealer programs and franchised window film operations popping up across the land.

The success of our industry has become dependent on dealer marketing support and programs, as a way to differentiate and grow business. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor or dealer, it’s no secret that selling programs is more effective than selling products. And no matter what level you are at on the chain, you can have the highest quality products, but, if your marketing does not reflect that, there’s a good chance you may lose the sale to someone with a more refined presentation.

All this brings me to the focus of what I want to address, which is the definition of marketing and how to embrace it to gain share and prosper. If you ask ten people you’ll probably get ten different answers, although I have never known a more precise definition of marketing than this:

All efforts exerted to move product or service from origin to destination.

That’s a pretty powerful statement and I hope you are aware that virtually every decision you make and every action you take will in some way impact your marketing and ultimately the success of your business. The goal of this blog is to explore how you can make your marketing efforts more effective and efficient, so you can move your products to their destination faster, easier and, of course, without breaking the bank.

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  1. Hello Mark,

    It’s been an honor and a privilege to work with you under “different roofs” for almost 2 decades. You are, without question, the most knowledgeable and capable person I have every known when it comes to marketing window film. Unbeknown to many who have been in this industry for years, your signature is on so many of the most famous and successful campaigns in the history of our industry.

    I’ll certainly be reading your blog and I just wanted to wish you the very best.

    Howard Paritsky
    Express Window Films

  2. Good for you, I know all will benefit from you Blog.

  3. Mark,
    Good to see you are still in the industry and looking so fit. I truly enjoyed working with you in the MSC days. I have bookmarked your information page. You like Mark Sharfstein are one of the great assets of this industry.
    Best Wishes,
    John Helvey

  4. Mark,
    I am sure your combination of knowledge, wit and candor will benefit us all. I will definitely be reading your blog.

    Jim C

  5. Mark Mark (that’s what a dog with a speech impediment would say),

    We have worked with you for many years. We have seen this industry change and evolve into what it is today. Your work has helped many tint people do well. We look forward to the time when we work together again.

    Congratulations on getting your name in the spotlight for many to see and know who has been behind and originated many of the marketing materials they have used. Our family is happy to see your blog.

    Our best to you,

    Kim & Jack Sagar
    MaXPro Window Films

  6. Mark
    Your blog will be very helpful and popular for those who what to learn from the best! It was great meeting you last year at SEMA and look forward to working together again in the future. I have the page bookmarked and am ready to hear from you.
    Stan Foster

  7. G’day Mark,
    I see you could not get away from the industry. I have opted out and spend my time walking in Australia, climbing mountains in Borneo and travelling the world.
    When at home I am spending some time working as deck crew on the oldest coal fired operational steam tug in the world, the 107 year old ST Waratah which is part of the Sydney heritage Fleet.
    Peter Wotton

  8. Mark, I Just wanted to pay you a complement. I worked with you back in the old I.T.D. Industries days before FTI came along. I enjoyed working with you. You always had an open ear. You asked questions and wrote things down. I wondered if you were for real or or just blowing smoke. As it turns out you were and are a straight up individual. You mean what you say and I have always seen the most cutting edge marketing come from you no matter who you were working for. You are the best at what you do. I hope that many in the industry listen up to what you have to say. I certainly will be reading your blog.
    Tom Turner
    Senior Sales Representative
    Performance Films Distribution, FL

  9. Mark,
    Congrats on the blog. I have been working on a blog to help this industry embrace Web 2.0 technology to grow their business as well. I would like to connect with you when you have the opportunity to discuss ways that our efforts to help this industry might be combined. I have been working in sales and marketing for nearly 15 years both inside and outside of this industry and I am excited about the potential over the next decade for those that embrace the changes already happening. Good luck with the blog and contact me anytime to talk. This entry was posted on the Linked In Window Film Professionals group as well, so I hope that you get some traffic from the group over there. It would be great to have you as a member of that group if you get the opportunity.

    Window Film Professionals

    Best Regards,
    Patric J. Fransko
    National Glass Service Group

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