Door and Window Contractor Draws on Past Customers’ Mistakes by Adding Film

August 19th, 2009 by Editor

As consumer interest in energy savings continues to grow, film dealers across the world have begun to explore additional product offerings to pad their sales sheets. But window film dealers aren’t the only with a wandering eye these days. Universal Window Solutions, a Bradenton, Fla.-based contractor that traditionally offers windows, doors and hurricane shutters, recently acquired its way into the film business. And the company expects to capitalize on its past customers’ mistakes by offering window film to those who opted out on certain glazing technologies in their past window selections.

Universal won’t be starting from the ground up, as the company recently purchased an established dealership from Hurricane Glass Shield in Sarasota, Fla. Hurricane Glass Shield, previously a 3M dealer, now serves as a 3M distributor.

“We have been in the new construction and window replacement business since 1981 with thousands of windows, doors and hurricane shutter installations,” says Bob Smith, Universal’s chief executive officer. “This acquisition might be the most important strategic move we have seen yet.”

Universal will continue to serve the door, window and shutter market, but company officials say they expect to grab additional market share by offering homeowners the opportunity to improve, rather than replace, existing windows, many of which may have been purchased through the company at a previous date. Company officials say Universal’s past client list could serve as an immense selling ground, as they plan to revisit past clients who did not invest in door and window products offering solar control or impact resistance technology. They also believe that the company’s builder list will prove beneficial as they strive to meet new energy codes.

Shawn Cabral, general manager for Hurricane Glass Shield, says his company had an important choice to make in selecting its new owner.

“We worked diligently to put this deal together with Universal,” he explains.

In this case, the selection process carried a bit more importance than just continuing Hurricane Glass Shield’s legacy, as the company will continue to support its previous owner’s success as a distributor.

“As our success as a 3M distributor is directly tied to the success of our dealers, we had to be convinced Universal was the perfect long term fit,” Cabral says. “We knew Universal had the financial and operational strength to grow the business.”

“This is a perfect fit at a perfect time,” says Rocky Smith, president of Universal Window Solutions. The company projects revenues to exceed six million dollars in the first three years and plans to add 12 new positions in the coming months.

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