HCWH Aligns With Clinton Climate Initiative

August 13th, 2009 by Editor

hospital-windowAs the cost of healthcare and potential healthcare reform dominates headlines, thanks to collaboration between Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) and the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), window film could play a role.

A recent agreement between the two organizations aims to develop programs to help hospitals and healthcare facilities reduce their environmental impact, particularly in the area of carbon reduction. Energy efficiency retrofit projects and other carbon reduction strategies will be implemented in healthcare facilities, starting with the Chicago area, but potentially expanding to other U.S. cities. While this could mean added business for dealers who are aligned with supplier members of CCI, the products they install could also help reduce the cost of healthcare.

According to officials from both organizations, the healthcare industry represents the second most energy-intensive commercial sector of the U.S. economy, consuming more than 73 trillion kWh of “conventional” electricity annually. And these figures have more than an environmental cost, as according to U.S. EPA-based estimates, the healthcare industry’s energy use adds more than $600 million per year in increased healthcare costs related to increased disease burden in the general public.

Through the new partnership, hospitals and healthcare institutions will receive technical assistance when implementing energy efficiency projects and become eligible for discounted energy efficiency products.

“Healthcare is 16 percent of the GDP and the one sector of the economy focused on health,” says Gary Cohen, executive director of HCWH. “Hospitals can play a critical role in protecting our communities from climate related disease as well as be a driver for the green energy economy of the 21st century. We are extremely pleased to partner with the Clinton Climate Initiative to facilitate the transfer of energy saving technology to health care institutions nationally and worldwide.”

Discounts and other preferable product pricing on energy efficiency building technologies negotiated by CCI will also be made available to HCWH affiliated hospitals and healthcare facilities. The products include energy-efficient add-ons such as reflective roofing, solar cooling and modular chillers, lighting products, and, last but not least, solar control window film.

Currently Minneapolis, Minn.-based 3M and San Diego-based Bekaert Specialty Films both are members of CCI.

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