Bekaert Specialty Films Launches Solar Gard® Photovoltaic Backsheets

September 23rd, 2009 by Editor

Bekaert Specialty Films LLC announced this week the introduction of new products in its family of Solar Gard® specialty films: laminate backsheets for photovoltaic (PV) modules. Solar Gard PV T series is manufactured by the company in San Diego. The company says these backsheets and will give solar crystalline silicon PV module manufacturers a new source for PVF/PET/PVF backsheets.

Solar Gard PV T backsheets are designed to insulate electronics and protect photovoltaic cells from the environment; they provide an excellent moisture barrier, solar resistance and dielectric strength. For ease of manufacturing, Solar Gard PV backsheets are available in roll form that fits a wide range of photovoltaic panel sizes and configurations, according to the company.

“Our products play an increasing role in the renewable energy market,” said Christophe Fremont, president of Bekaert Specialty Films. “As a leader in specialized industrial films, our entry into this sector raises the competitive bar and brings module manufacturers a choice of suppliers. Our commitment to environmental stewardship, which includes a published carbon footprint, accolades from the California Climate Action Registry and ISO 14001:2004 certification, makes us an ideal partner for manufacturers and assemblers of solar cells.”

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  1. How do we approach our solar panels dealers with this product. Please send me sample and more information asap. Sylvia Lehman

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