Glass-Gard® Films Receive GSA and ISO Bomb Blast Certification

October 21st, 2009 by Editor
Glass-Gard® 8-mil and 12-mil films from Solamatrix Inc. have passed internationally recognized bomb-blast testing standards for both General Services Administration (GSA) and ISO protocols. According to test results, these products are proven to provide a high level of protection against damage due to storms, natural disasters, criminal activity and acts of terrorism.

Both the 8-mil and 12-mil films passed the U.S. GSA Explosion Resistant Standard with a 3B rating. The tests were conducted by an independent laboratory using multi-ply film with a wet-glaze anchoring system on ¼-inch, single-pane, annealed glass. In addition, the 8-mil film passed the ISO 16933 test for arena air-blast loading, receiving an EXV33 classification. The film was tested on ¼-inch, annealed glass in conjunction with two different anchoring systems (gullwing and wet-glaze), receiving the same classification for both.

“In our current world climate it is unfortunate that we must be aware of and prepared for possible acts of violence including terrorist bomb attacks,” says Jeffrey Plummer, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Solamatrix. “While no product can fully protect us from all possible scenarios, these tests further prove that Glass-Gard films can significantly help mitigate damage and reduce injuries in such an event. We are pleased with the results of these independent tests as they provide further proof of how impressively these films can perform.”

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