First Steps

December 17th, 2009 by Editor

Whenever we begin a new project, assignment, chore or job it sometimes feels as though the first step toward completing the work is the first step of finishing a task that seems to have no end in site. You know how it goes; sometimes projects are so big you simply say to yourself, “I just don’t know how I can do this.” But no matter how big or small the job, they all get done the same way: one step at a time.

Beginning my work on Window Film last September began with a single step. And while over the past few months I’ve gotten to meet a lot of great people and learn about this exciting industry, I’ve still got a ways to go. I’ve only scratched the surface in terms of learning all that there is to know, but each day I find I am learning a bit more.

When I attended the SEMA show in November (which you will be able to read more about in the January-February issue of WINDOW FILM magazine) I talked with a number of people, exhibitors and attendees alike, who said they were taking their first steps in new directions. Many were diversifying their film businesses to include add-on products and services. Paint protection films, for instance, were popular with both exhibitors displaying their new wares and attendees walking the show floor in search of them.

Those at the SEMA show were also well aware of the big role that film can play in terms of being an energy-efficient product for homes and offices. A provision in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009 increased the tax credit for residential window film installations from 10 percent to 30 percent of film cost with a maximum total credit of $1,500, up from the previous cap of $500. This new policy is effective until December 31 2010. Sounds like a good opportunity to start selling those benefits to homeowners (if you haven’t already started, that is).

As we all prepare for whatever 2010 will bring, let’s think about new steps and opportunities we can all explore, as there are many out there; we just have to find them.

Happy holidays!

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