Lloyd Brown Talks About His Future Plans in the Film Industry

December 17th, 2009 by Editor

Last week HanitaTek announced that its president, Lloyd Brown, would be creating a new company that would focus on areas such as strategic marketing and marketing communications. Given the current state of the economy, some may wonder why now would be a good time to start a business, but as Brown tells WINDOW FILM magazine, for him, the time was indeed right.

“I have been working for 20 years in manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing, general management and executive positions and I have the experience and contacts to offer valued services and advice to customers who need it,” says Brown. “The tough economy provides an opportunity for these services–all businesses are challenged by these conditions. I will be offering services to improve companies’ pricing strategy and tactics, for example, which can have huge improvements in profitability. There may be no time more critical for firms to focus on exactly how they are going to market with maximum impact.”

In other words, he explains, his new business will be providing consulting services to the industry.

“I have a small team of partners that I will be working with, and we will focus on three main areas: business strategy, quantitative analysis and marketing implementation. We have excellent capabilities for analyzing huge amounts of data and helping clients make intelligent conclusions and action plans based on what the data shows,” says Brown. In addition, he says they will also be focusing on the growing interest in online opportunities. “[It’s] something we call ‘Social Media Quick-Start,’ which will help clients who may have been sitting on the sidelines on things like Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and many other online tools. At this point, the online world is evolving so fast that companies can feel overwhelmed to the point of inaction.”

In his new role, Brown says he will also still be working with HanitaTek as an outside contractor.

“Hanita has built decent momentum in the past few years in the U.S. window film market, and we are increasing our customer base through various means. The company has some very exciting things coming, and I will be continuing to manage these programs along with new programs that we plan to begin.” He adds, “HanitaTek (and Hanita Coatings at the corporate level) have been awesome to me during this transition period, and we are both maintaining a great relationship as my role is transitioning.”

As far as his future in the industry, Brown adds that he is very much looking forward to what’s in store.

“I really enjoy this industry and I am pleased to be maintaining a role in it. I think the future is bright for window film as a category, as the cost/benefit balance is really excellent,” he says and adds, “And since I am not very good with a heat gun, I may need someone to tint my car one of these days!”

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