ASTIC Signals Defenses Earns NFRC Certification

February 4th, 2010 by Editor

ASTIC Signals Defenses (ASD) in Owings Mills, Md., announced it has earned NFRC certification for its Signals Defenses® (SD) Technology, which it says can also help projects qualify for LEED credits for energy conservation. SD Technology products, which include surface applied films, are designed to provide electronic eavesdropping mitigation (including RF flood attacks and LASER attacks).

“SD Technology’s genesis was to meet the stringent Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense, however its certified energy savings performance now is allowing our clients to procure using their energy budgets. Additionally, SD Technology fits nicely with the vision of the current legislative bills in the House (H.R. 2454) and Senate (S.1733 & S.1462) for energy conservation and climate change,” says Ron Waranowski, ASD’s managing director. “SD Technology provides multi-use benefits for eavesdropping mitigation, energy conservation, physical security and a healthy environment for both people and electronic equipment by blocking RF, IR and UV energy.”

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  1. The movement of SD Technology products to forward energy conservation is very good.

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