Geoshield Announces New Distribution Location in Saudi Arabia; Partners with New Florida

February 4th, 2010 by Editor

Fahad Almuzaini, distributor for Geoshield products in the Gulf Coast Countries, recently established a second location in Al-Hasa Saudi Arabia. Faisal Bin Sultan will act as general supervisor for GeoshieldHasa, which will specialize in the installation of the company’s ceramic solar control window films for automotive, commercial and residential applications.

Burns Mulhearn, president of Geoshield, tells Window Film magazine he sees the aftermarket automotive market in Saudi Arabia growing rapidly.

”I believe it is because customers are seeing the value in prolonging the enjoyment of their vehicles. Low energy prices and low consumer awareness continues to slow the flat glass market. But we are hoping the additional benefits of solar control window films will win out,” says Mulhearn. “We are learning that international growth is all about the right partner. Fahad has done a fantastic job in Saudi Arabia and we would love to have more distributors like him.”

In other news, John Diaz, president Impact Film Supply in Tampa, Fla., recently established his company to act as Geoshield’s exclusive distributor for the state of Florida. Impact Film Supply will be carrying Geoshield’s full line of ceramic films including automotive, architectural and safety products.

“We are really excited to be working with John and his team. We believe that his distribution experience and his dedicated team will provide Florida dealers with superior customer service and satisfaction,” says Mulhearn.

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  1. Dear Mr.Burns

    thank u so much for yr co-operation and support us in saudi arabia and GCC
    i & my customers so glade to use geoshield Nano ceramic Window films

    saudi arabia

  2. Great news and Impact Film has always been synonymous with superior customer service!

    Congratulations Geoshield and Impact!

    Mike Feldman

  3. I am interested becoming an exclusive supplier/distributor for Geoshield products in the United Arab Emirates.
    Willing to also open dealership effective late 2011 to early 2012 if agreement is reached on the price per roll
    Please contact me to further discuss this matter.

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