HanitaTek Develops New “App” for the Film Industry

February 18th, 2010 by Editor

hanitaappstoryiPhone users can find apps for just about everything, from restaurants to driving directions. And now HanitaTek Window Films has launched the InfoZone, an app created just for the film industry. Available for both the iPhone and iPod Touch, this free app is designed to streamline the business process of selling and estimating film projects.

One feature of the new app is the InfoZone’s Estimator, which is designed to calculate project sizes quickly and without errors; an installer enters the project details into InfoZone, which then calculates the total glass area of the project plus the amount of window film needed in each size for the project.

“We know that each window film installer has his or her own way to calculate film use for each project,” says Jim Black, HanitaTek president. “We believe our estimator delivers an instant, efficient estimate for most projects, and we are hoping installers will challenge us to keep making it better. The purpose of the tool is to help a window film dealer estimate projects faster and more efficiently. Also, InfoZone allows a prospective client to see that you are on the cutting edge of technology, presenting a positive image for any film installation company.”

The estimator’s output can be emailed directly from the iPhone (or iPod

Touch) to installers, shop managers, or even the prospective customer. The new app is available through iTunes and the Apple App Store.

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  1. Great app for the iPhone!

  2. Have already had my dealers using it… good one. Roll out one for not iPhone that would be great.

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