NatWest Gibraltar Branch Gets A Makeover Featuring DigiGlass Technology

April 15th, 2010 by Editor

NatWest Gibraltar’s Line Wall Road branch has a new look that features a creative to coincide with the launch of the bank’s premium banking brand. Specialist print company DigiGlass collaborated with NatWest Gibraltar’s design agency Home Strategic to develop the designs for the internal areas of the branch before fabricating and installing the bespoke finish.

“Through our collaboration with Home Strategic we were able to utilize our products to produce an environment and quality of finish befitting of the NatWest Premium Banking brand,” said DigiGlass managing director Dave Macdonald. “We have gone for a more traditional design to reflect the quality of the brand, hence the dominance of the lion, synonymous with strength, pride and heritage. The designs were manifested on to glass privacy screens for the premium interview suites, using the DigiGlass unique printing process.”

He continued, “Internal walls took on the premium branding, printed on to fire-rated, fabric backed digital wall coverings, which delivers a striking visual impact emboldened by the premium imagery. The banking areas were given a thematic finish through the use of solid construction canvas wall decorations in the same premium banding.”

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