DUBAI – V-Kool Opens Retail Kiosk in Dubai

June 24th, 2010 by Editor

International company V-Kool, with U.S. officers in Houston, has opened a retail kiosk in Dubai at the brand new Mirdif City Centre. At the new kiosk, customers can get an automobile tint overhaul while they spend the day shopping at stores inside. The facility is a fully operational coating bay located in the parking area. The retail kiosk is staffed by professional installers who are trained in high-tech film installation.

Customers are given a choice of premium window films and there is a sales staff on-site to help guide them through selection. They can also choose to experience the heat test, which shows the difference between a car with and without V-Kool films.

Could retail kiosks like this work in the U.S.?

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