Illinois Vehicle Code Amendment Affects Window Film

July 23rd, 2010 by Editor

The Illinois Senate recently approved an amendment to the Illinois Vehicle Code by the Senate Committee. The amendment deletes a provision about side window tinting on multipurpose passenger vehicles. It also adds a provision stating that on vehicles where nonflective, smoked or tinted glass was originally installed by the manufacturer on the windows to the rear of the driver’s seat, a nonreflective tint that allows at least 50 percent light transmittance may be used on the vehicle windows immediately adjacent to each side of the driver.  It also provides that the use of nonreflective, smoked or tinted glass or nonreflective film is prohibited on the windows to the rear of the driver if window treatment has been applied to front windows adjacent to the driver.

The full text of the bill is available.

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  1. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any foresight to add language to this bill that forbids IL Home Rule entities from attempting to override the IL Vehicle Code. Chicago, in particular, will fine any vehicle with front side window tint applied. This is without regard to whatever state the vehicle is registered in, even those that allow tint darker than what IL now allows as of OCT 30th 2009.

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