Same Ole, Same Ole Addiction

July 6th, 2010 by Editor

To some degree, we all need to reinvent ourselves to survive in today’s economic climate. This means making adjustments to how we perform or in some cases doing something completely different. The hardest part of a reinvention campaign is identifying your comfort zone and daily routine so you can remove yourself from them. I call it breaking the grip that your same-ole, same-ole addiction has on you.

Just about everyone is working a little harder for a little less these days, although the bright side is that reinvented survivors will eventually look back on this time understanding it was a heavy dose of medicine necessary for what ailed us.

If you want to break your same-ole, same-ole addiction, explore you options such as expanding your product offerings and making changes to how you market your business. During my own reinvention campaign, I did some work for a new client that sells promotional incentives and I think these types of products may have a valuable place in your window tinting marketing.

If you are not familiar with promotional incentives, I’m talking about everything from mini-vacations, to grocery coupons and gift cards – they are typically deeply discounted from face value and designed to help improve a retailers advertising response by adding spice to their promotional offers.

My only caution is that you do your homework before you select a company to supply your promotional incentives because not all incentive products are created equal. My personal preference would be the gift cards because they are hot right now and people respond favorably to offers that include them.

So, if your reinvention includes changes to how you market your business, consider spicing up your offers with promotional incentives because the same-ole, same-ole dollar off or percentage discounts are boring and worn out within the minds of your prospective consumers.

I’m not selling promotional incentive products, but if I was trying to reinvent a retail window film business, I’d be offering promotional gift cards or dinner and movie certificates as a fun way to increase response to my costly advertising and also as a powerful closing tool to motivate indecisive prospects.

So if your same-ole, same ole isn’t working anymore, you might find the right promotional incentive product that can make a huge difference in advertising response and closing ratios.

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