Window Film Industry Battles Misleading Information

July 23rd, 2010 by Editor

The battle to keep the public correctly informed about all of the benefits of window film is one that many in the industry are fighting constantly. And recently, a number of window film professionals may have found themselves frustrated by something they read or saw claiming window film to be an inefficient product.

Recently, Kevin Koval of Solaris Film in Carmel, Ind., reported to Window Film magazine his discovery on the DIY Life website. The webpage gives advice and tips to consumers who are doing their own home repairs and in this specific article gives tips to keep consumers’ homes cool over the summer months.

The page says, “Thinking about window film as a way to buff up your windows’ efficiency? If your windows are already Low emissivity (low-e), then don’t waste your time, window film won’t make much of a difference…And remember this: films are hard to remove, and because they can heat up the glass they may damage your dual-pane windows.”

The information is sourced as “courtesy of the U.S. Green Building Council.” After contacting the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) we received a statement about the origin of the article.

The information came from USGBC’s’s ‘Ask a Pro’ section.  The Ask a Pro section is really just a blog where home professionals post answers to questions that come in.  The responses are not the opinion of USGBC and do not reflect any position of USGBC. As far as USGBC’s position on window film, we don’t have an official one but I can tell you that window film is a valid strategy to achieve various LEED credits and points,” says the statement.

The IWFA responded to the article and their full response can be found HERE.

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  1. In light of how easily information can be published these days, everyone needs to do their part to propagate accurate information. Hopefully, the USGBC will do their part and monitor their Home Pro section, its not the first time something inaccurate has been posted over there. Bad information reflects poorly on the site host just as much as it does on the industry that it is targeted at.

  2. Really huge and informative information provides on Window Film Industry Battles Misleading Information I head about this only because they simply turn dull regular ones into sleek and sophisticated windows but also because it provides enough privacy and security. But it’s totally different of my thinking .

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