Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
August 19th, 2010

Facebook for Business

In this month’s entry we will discuss how to get your business set up with a Facebook page. A Facebook page for your business creates a presence for your company within Facebook and communicates with people that have chosen to follow you. It also gives the people following you a convenient way to recommend your company to their friends on Facebook via sharing your page. So, how do you create a Facebook page? You will need to have a personal Facebook page to begin with. Then, go to the following link to get started.

This will take you through the process of naming your page and creating the basic layout. Spend some time here and fill in all the information that you can regarding your business. Also, post some pictures of recent jobs, your shop, employees, etc. to give the page some initial content. Make the page look presentable, because the next step will be to suggest that your friends on Facebook follow the page. You will need to get 25 friends to follow the page before you can move to the next step which is to register a username for your page. By registering a username for your page, you will enable people to find your business more easily on Facebook and other search engines by integrating the chosen username into your Facebook URL. Registering your page name is similar to the vanity URL we discussed in my last blog for your personal page.  There are guidelines regarding what your username can be, so go to the following link to find out more.

Once you have a page and have locked in a good username, it is time to begin using the page to market your business. Try to keep the status current and change it often so that the page does not seem stagnant. Then begin promoting your presence on Facebook by having your Facebook URL on business cards and marketing that you do. As you begin to build a following, your page will enable you to inform the page followers of new products that you are carrying, specials that you might be running, jobs that you recently have completed, etc.

So what will all of this do to help grow my business? This page will allow you to stay in contact with pleased customers from the past as well as give them a convenient way to share your information with their friends. More and more people are resorting to asking their friends on Facebook for recommendations on restaurants to eat at, painters for their house, lawn care services, etc. By having a page on Facebook, you enable a follower to easily share your company information with their friends. It is like having all of your followers carrying a business card for your company at all times that they can give to friends.

As with business in general, good word of mouth is your best advertising. The key to using this tool to help your business is to make sure past and current customers are happy with the service that you provide and give them an easy way to share how pleased they are with their friends. Having a page on Facebook is just one of the newest ways to tap into the power of positive word of mouth in 2010 and beyond.

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