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September 29th, 2010 by Editor

As the baseball season winds down, I’ve been watching quite a few Tampa Bay Rays games and of course all the TV commercials that come along for the ride. Recently I’ve noticed that our local electric company has been running a series of TV spots about window film – needless to say they got my attention, let alone the attention of thousands of people in the viewing area. 

The ad begins with a woman sitting in front of a sun-filled window while a voice explains how window film can reduce solar heat from entering the room through the glass. The voice goes on to display the benefits provided by window film, ultimately leading a viewer towards the punch line, which is that you’ll be more comfortable and save money on your electric bill if you install window film. The call to action was a cash rebate from the electric company to help pay for the window film installation. 

Now, being curious about how these ads may be affecting window film sales and how dealers may or may not be exploiting this free publicity, I called a couple tinting establishments asking questions specific to these ads and how they made me curious about having window film installed. My calls uncovered a variety of responses, although there were two standouts that will help make my point. 

In short order, one dealer sold himself right out of any chance of giving me an estimate because he was negative about program requirements, saying that it’s pretty difficult to qualify. On the other end of the spectrum, I found a very enthusiastic dealer who was cleverly exploiting calls generated by the program via a brilliant marketing twist, where he was matching the electric company’s rebate, with an additional “dealer rebate” saying it was available to me just for mentioning the advertisement.

Let’s review. 

In a time when we must fight for selling opportunities, a local electric company is running a significant TV advertising campaign designed to stir up interest in the product that we sell – a product so rich with consumer benefits some may think it’s too good to be true! The advertisements were designed to place window film top-of-mind, elevating product credibility, making phones ring and ultimately removing a hurdle or two from a dealer’s selling process. 

All that said, why would some dealers embrace and exploit consumer frenzy generated by free advertising while others sell themselves right out of any opportunity to make a sale? As with most things the differentiator is often about attitude, enthusiasm and passion for the products you sell. And no matter what you are selling, the reward will almost always go to those who place a positive spin on every selling opportunity presented and do so with passion and enthusiasm. 

So if you were a consumer, which one of these dealers would you invite over for an estimate? The one who said the program had too many restrictive qualification requirements, or the one who offered a matching rebate just for mentioning the TV advertisement? It’s most important to note that this is not an example about how to exploit an electric company’s rebate program, because we all know that they are not available in all markets, rather the moral of the story here is about how enthusiasm, passion and creative marketing applied to what you do will almost always be the determiner between success and … not exactly.

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  1. Great article! You might be interested in some of our whitepapers here based on selling. The provide some valuable insight into sales performance:

  2. Your comments and reflections are so true.
    In Europe, very few if any electrical companies are offering rebates for installing less energy consuming products, and to hear that a local energy company has produced and runs an add promoting windowfilm has never been heard of( is it on Youtube?)
    we as an industry has to have more selling focus in order to freely tap into such an opportunity that this free advertisement gives
    all local windowfilm installers should increase their sales with a minimum 15% just out selking better over the phone based on this ad.

  3. So true! It all begins with a positive attitude. Are you the bug or the windshield?
    Your piece here entitled “Positive Spin” reminds me…
    Years ago in Orlando, a good customer of mine would call and place his daily order for film. He spoke to my receptionist with great enthusiasm. She asked me to ask him, “What are you taking to be so upbeat so early in the morning?” His response was, “Every day I get up and ask myself what kind of day will this be, a good day or a bad day? He went on to say, “I have a choice, so, I choose good day.” He told me that he says it out loud to himself to get his day going and he lets nothing interrupt his day. He offers up his positive spin to himself at the start of the day and just keeps it going.
    You know what? It works, try it.
    Great article Mark.

  4. Mark
    Thanks for encouraging a positive angle on this incredibly beneficial product and market. I have never understood negative selling and marketing, and I applaud your sound perspective and lleadership.

    Thanks and kudo’s.

  5. We are located in the Tampa Bay market and have two energy companies that offer rebates. It has helped many customers understand the importance of window film and how it can save energy. Many clients explain how the home energy audit from the local energy company gave them energy saving recommendations for their home. I thought a few years ago it would be a hassle, but once I understood the process I now try to get all my customers the window film rebate if they qualify. Also, the rebate is not as much as the federal program but a much more simple and practical program in my opinion.

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