Something Old, Something New…

December 9th, 2010 by Editor

…Something Borrowed, Something Scientifically True— maybe that’s not exactly how the rhyme goes, but I like to make things my own. The traditional wedding phrase, which originated from an old English rhyme, has never been more appropriate than it is now.

I have found myself reciting this over and over—each time changing the last “something” to poke fun at myself. You see, I am attempting to plan my own wedding and I like trying to figure out how this rhyme plays into my life. My “something old” is my fiancé (he is a whopping five days older than me). My “something new” is my stack of half-chewed bridal magazines (compliments of a new puppy, not me). “Something borrowed” is all the advice about planning a wedding. I continue to mentally thank an editor-friend of mine who asked if she could give me one piece of advice—don’t listen to anything preceded by “if I could give you one piece of advice.” And finally, my “something scientifically true” is that it is a scientific fact that trying to plan a wedding makes everyone involved a bit of a crazy mess.

It’s not just weddings that fall victim to the old rhyme. My slightly manufactured version is a perfect fit with the future of the window film industry. For example, “something old” is definitely the knowledge of seasoned tinters and installers. These guys (and girls) know film better than anyone and are really the unsung heroes of promoting the industry. If the product cannot be maneuvered and installed properly than the product doesn’t really matter. I continue to stand in awe of the knowledge and expertise of these professionals.

Our “something new” is definitely paint protection film (PPF). Everybody is talking about this product and the amazing things you can do with it. As I mentioned in my last blog, paint protection film was all over the SEMA show and there were significantly more demonstrations applying PPF than there were applying regular film. Where does the future of the film industry sit with a product like this in the mix? How does it all fit together?

Now for the tough one—“something borrowed.” I would like to propose to my readers that the window film industry is borrowing time. The IWFA recently released a letter that they sent to congressional leaders urging them to continue to include window film in energy legislation. As Congress labors over the tax plan, industries like window film anxiously await to see if energy legislation will be addressed before the end of the session. Here’s to hoping that we are not borrowing time and the energy plan will be addressed so that window film will continue to be included in this legislation.

And finally—“something scientifically true.” One particular window film company has taken their energy efficient destiny into their own hands. Solar Gard®, a division of Bekaert Specialty Films, has released an environmental product declaration that scientifically proves that Solar Gard window film saves enough energy to outweigh the cost of producing it. It’s a true energy efficient product. Imagine how powerful this is for the window film industry and how powerful it could be if more companies followed this example and had its own environmental product declaration. The industry controls its own destiny.

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  1. I agree it could be very powerful if other manfacturers will emulate SolarGard’s leadership in this regard. But if local dealers just want to “piggyback” their products’ sustainability by implying to their customers (competitively)that all films are the same; therefore their products are all carbon-negative as well (which they will inevitably do), then those dealers will undermine the credibility of these products and detract from the veracity of window film as a legitimately “green” product.

  2. It’s a good step but environmental product declarations are waaaay down the list of what this industry actually needs from film suppliers.

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