New Dog, Old Tricks

January 11th, 2011 by Editor

It may be hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but new dogs don’t just pick up on old tricks either. I recently became a dog-owner for the first time in my life. I should probably re-phrase that—I recently became a puppy-owner. What was I thinking? Those Cottonelle commercials make puppies look awfully cute until you bring one home and it turns your living room into its personal potty. Don’t get me wrong. I have completely fallen 100-percent in love with my 13-week-old yellow lab, Maize, but it’s just not easy training a pup, especially when you work full-time and travel a lot.

However, I am fascinated watching her learn things that I didn’t even teach her. For example, we taught her commands like sit, lay down, stay, etc., but she managed to teach herself “up” and if you watch below you will see why it’s become my favorite of her commands.

Watching this pup being trained has made me curious about training in general. Whether you are installing film on a vehicle or a building there is a fair amount of training that has to occur before you really know what you are doing. When we pick out a “film star” for our publication I hear so many great stories about tinters who have spent their life doing good quality jobs. I can only imagine they have spent much of their time training too. It makes me wonder, how hard is it to train a newbie? Do some people just have a knack for it or can anyone learn? How long does it take for someone to be considered a good tinter?

Part of the reason I ask is that I really want to learn to do it myself. Recently, at SEMA, Johnson Window Films let me try my hand at installing some film on a Volkswagon Beetle.

I literally caught the film “bug” and now I want to do more. I’ve had some offers from people in the industry to teach me so pay attention in the next year and maybe you will get to hear about it.  I suppose I am a little nervous about it though. Maybe I won’t pick it up easily or will make a fool of myself. Do you have any training horror stories, either about yourself or someone you trained? What are the most important things that a new tinter needs to know?

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