Window Film Proves Itself as Powerful Marketing Tool

January 21st, 2011 by Editor

Companies are constantly looking for ways to market themselves to the public and window film is no stranger to marketing in a new way. While film is predominantly known for its energy benefits and protection from UV-rays there is a whole other side to the window film industry.

Companies have seen the value in putting their message on film—window film that is. For vehicles, wrapping has become a great way to establish a moving billboard. Companies can stick there message on a vehicle and gain exposure all over their local area as they drive to and from work or jobs.

In addition, many companies are finding great marketing value in putting their message up on windows using window film. Citibase, the fifth largest serviced-office company in the United Kingdom, recently had decorative film installed by DigiGlass on their office building and a disused walkway nearby.

“Their purpose was advertising the serviced office space and meeting rooms for hire. As the walkway is above a main road that runs through Coventry city, it was a perfect ‘high traffic’ opportunity,” says Dave McDonald, managing director of DigiGlass.

DigiGlass used an optically clear safety film which was installed on the internal side of the walkway glazing. Three layers of ink were used to give the color more depth and creating a “lightbox” when the lights are turn on in the walkway.

“The overhead walkway and office windows really stand out with the Citibase branding printed on PET window film,” adds McDonald.

The Citibase advertising is just one example as many companies around the world are adding decorative films with branding to their windows and vehicles.

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