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February 4th, 2011 by Editor

Being adventurous and trying new things does not come easily to me. I have to make a conscious effort to push myself and not be afraid of the unknown. I just wouldn’t qualify as a daredevil. I consider myself more of a homebody and bask in the comfort of my spot on the couch and an afternoon in my backyard. However, I know that sometimes you just can’t pass on an amazing opportunity.

This week I have had one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. The Window Film magazine staff was invited to visit Seoul, Korea to take an in-depth tour of a film manufacturer’s facilities (more on that in a future issue). In the days leading up to my departure I began to have nerves about all of the unknown things I would run into in Korea—the language, the food, the style, etc. However, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that the culture has been both welcoming and intriguing, and food I have encountered delicious—I seriously am in love with Korean barbeque now. The lesson for me is that trying something new can pay off in major ways.

Nexfil, the company I visited, may be discovering the same thing. Their chip-dyed film is both different and intriguing. The company tried something different and it appears to be paying off for them. We were granted a tour of the different film lines and were able to sit down with the company’s president, ShinSoon Lee to talk about film, the industry and what is in store for Nexfil (for more on this interview, the chip-dyed film and a tour of the facilities stay tuned for a future episode of Film’d—click here to sign up to receive the video as soon as it is released).

I suppose it is always a question of risk versus reward for window film manufacturers. Developing a new product or line can be expensive, but if you find you niche (shout out to Donna Wells’ column in the November-December issue of Window Film) it can pay off big-time. So with that in mind, I’m interested to hear from those in the industry about risk versus reward—what have been your experiences? Does taking a risk generally pay off for you? What risks has your company taken?

If you want to check out more of my personal pictures from my trip to Seoul check out the slideshow below.

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