Female Tinter Sets Herself Apart

March 24th, 2011 by Editor

Nominated as a Film Star by a co-worker, Vess Jimez is modern proof women can do anything. The 25 year old, is an experienced tinter and employee at her father’s company, Extreme Tint and Polish in Santa Clara, Calif.

She got her start at 13 years old helping out around the shop. “Since I was little I have always liked cars so when I was about 13 years old and [my father’s] business was busy I would go with him to the shop,” recalls Jimez. “I started helping him by cleaning the windows and things like that. Little by little he started teaching me and by the time I was around 14 years old I started installing little things like quarter windows.”

Jimez, who has now been tinting for over ten years, has faced a tough road as a young, female tinter.

“I was young when I started and I was a girl,” she says. “So a lot of people look extra hard at my work or if it’s a nice car a lot of people don’t trust me with their car because of my gender and my age.”

“I remember one time I was helping a new male trainee and a customer came in with a BMW. It seemed like he didn’t want to talk to me, but would rather talk to the male trainee. Those types of things are hard,” she says.

Facing extra criticism and judgment only made Jimez work harder to ensure her work is quality work.

“We value the quality of our work. Because I am a girl a lot of people are quick to criticize my work. I try to set myself apart with the quality of my work and my customer service.”

Despite some extra challenges, Jimez says she loves what she does and it never gets old.

“I really like cars and I like this kind of business. I get to see different cars everyday and I know that I can help owners with getting the benefits of heat rejection and things like that.”

When asked about the future Jimez has big plans for her career and her dad’s business.

“I’m really helping my dad out by educating myself. I go to car shows and conferences. We just started using computer cut and I am trying to continue my industry education so I can help share new technologies and techniques with my dad and the business,” says Jimez. “The wrapping business is new and a lot of consumers are starting to show interest. Right now I am personally wrapping my own car and a few others for practice.”

In addition to enjoying her practice time at work, Jimez is currently a student studying computer graphics. In her free-time she enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with her family, including her three sisters.

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