Upside-Down Thinking by Patric Fransko
by Patric Fransko
March 24th, 2011



Can GROUPON be used effectively in the window film industry? This video explores how one might use this tool to grow their business. Check out how you can get started with GROUPON at

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  1. Some interesting articles that go with the video that I thought you might be interested in.

    Give me some feedback. Let me know if you think this is workable for our industry.

  2. I just spoke to a dealer on the west coast yesterday that is using Group On very successfully. His last Group On offer sold more that 350 auto tint jobs in just a few days and he is already planning his second promotion. This form of advertising/promotion may not be for everyone, but some are making it work very well in order to grow their business and market share.

  3. After speaking to more people that have used GroupOn to promote their business, I am convinced that it can work with a couple of caveats.

    1.) Only use it if you are trying to increase your market share or elevate your market presence. If you are already slammed with work, this will only make it worse and you will be doing it at a discount. However, if you have room to grow, this will definitely bring more people through your door.

    2.) GroupOn works best when you have the ability to either up-sell the customer to a more premium offering or expose them to other product offerings your company has. If you do the GroupOn for the back 5 windows, you should close more windows on many of the jobs. If you do the promotion for a basic dyed film, you have the ability to up-sell them to a high performance film. If you also sell stereo equipment, you may sell some audio work to a tint GroupOn customer, etc.

    Those two caveats in mind, some have used this to drive hundreds of people through their doors. If you work the program correctly, I still believe it can be useful.

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