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May 26th, 2011 by Editor

Scott Crary just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Crary’s tinting career began five years ago by accident when he was at work next door to Eclipse Window Tinting in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“I worked at a detailing place right next door and the owner [of Eclipse Window Tinting] asked me to go help one of the flat glass installers on a pretty big job since they were shorthanded at the time,” says Crary. “I said I would and I did pretty well for my first time. After that they asked me if I wanted to help out with a number of different things and then eventually I started working here full-time.”

Since Crary started his window film career he has become the lead installer in his shop and can do any job, whether commercial or automotive. His ability to do excellent work on any job has made him especially valuable to his boss.

“His quality is unsurpassed,” says Richard Puthoff, president of Eclipse Window Tinting. “He is a prodigy in the film industry. He is capable of all film services we offer, but specializes in automotive tinting and paint protection film. He, also, manages our schedule, and oversees all installs.”

What makes Crary stand out is his natural talent for tinting. He is detail-oriented and strives for perfection every time he touches film.

“I think I have a natural ability for it. I don’t let anything roll out of my bay that’s not perfect,” says Crary. “I think a lot of people get ahead of themselves and just want to do car after car and let the details go. To me those details are a big deal.”

 Crary’s eye for detail and his love of cars have made some of his automotive tinting jobs his all-time favorite projects.

“Everytime I do a high-end car I really want to make sure those things are perfect,” says Crary. “One time we had a Bentley in here and it was my first time working on one. I did the quarter glass. That was one of the hardest windows I had done and after four hours on those two little windows I was impressed with myself. The first time I did a Corvette back window I nailed it on the first try and I was pretty happy after that too.”

Despite his natural ability, Crary remembers what it is like to be new in the industry.

“Hang in there,” he says to new tinters. “It’s definitely an art or skill acquired with time. At first you may want to yank your hair out, but if you hang in there and pay attention to the details and take your time you will learn. Don’t rush yourself with it.”

Outside of Eclipse Window Tinting you can find Crary golfing, hunting, fishing and working to restore his classic car.

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