Respect, Passion and Fun

May 26th, 2011 by Editor

I recently splurged and bought a new car. I guess I needed to do my part for the economy—at least that was one of many purchase justifications to myself. Over the years, I’ve bought quite a number of cars and trucks—actually it’s a ridiculous number and I must admit to you all that I’m an addicted car guy. And being in the auto beautification business, I am sure many of you would agree there is something uniquely special and enormously exciting about that new car smell, the excitement of the dealer handing over the keys, and of course that inaugural drive going anywhere but home.

It all started when I completed the manufacturer’s “build-a-car” online form—one that produced an endless stream of salesmen suggesting that I buy from them. The dealership I ultimately selected is well established and sits in the heart of a marketplace that is saturated with many like brand dealers within a 50 mile radius. My point today is about why I bought from this particular dealership over all the others—and how this experience may apply to your window film business.

Of all the people I dealt with, there was only one sales person that proved to be a true consultative sales professional—most of the others seemed more like robots following a sales managers lead. My guy won the deal because he (are you ready for this?) actually listened to what I wanted and did not try to sell me what was convenient to his inventory. He performed a thorough assessment and simply went to work to find me the car I wanted.

I was not in a hurry, although after a couple weeks my guy left a clever and enticing voice message that went like this, “Hey Mark, I’ve got your car. It’s beautiful and you need to come take a look.” No doubt he wanted to put me under the test drive ether and it worked. This guy was good and you know why? Because he displayed respect for me, passion for his work and made the purchase experience fun—an approach the others seemed to not understand.

Now for the moral of the story. I believe success in small business today is more likely to come from your skill and ability to cleverly and ethically steer prospects away from competitive offers, towards a sale for your business. To maintain and grow your business you need to build a system consisting of good marketing to generate leads, followed by consultative salesmanship to close the deals. No matter what business category or segment you are in, buyers will always have many options, yet often decide to do business with a person who knows how to build trust quickly because of product knowledge and passion for what they’re selling.

Ask yourself honestly, are you displaying respect, passion and enthusiasm for what you sell? And most important, are you making the purchase experience for your prospects fun? I learned a long time ago, that selling is an art consisting of an ability to transfer your enthusiasm about a product or service over to a prospect. When this happens your prospect will then act as you suggest. A true professional sales person is like a tour guide that takes a prospect on an enjoyable and interesting journey towards a purchase destination.

If you find yourself at the end of the week looking at all the estimate proposals piling up, thinking you might be wasting time quoting jobs for your competition, simply ask yourself, would I buy from me?

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  1. Great post Mark. I could not agree with you more. I have always believed that the consultative selling approach is the only way to succeed long term in any business. If you are truly concerned about understanding the customers needs and helping them address those needs, the sales part takes care of itself.

    Thanks for the great content.

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