The Cone of Shame

May 12th, 2011 by Editor

I really had no idea how difficult it would be. I thought, “All dogs have to go through this and it happens all the time.” Everyone told me I was worrying for no reason. However, after returning from her spay surgery, my seven month old yellow lab has lost her mind. She has been sentenced to wear a cone for two weeks and is not allowed to run, jump or go outside without a leash. No big deal, right? Unfortunately, it has become a huge deal. Within three hours of being home she broke her cone and we had to go buy her a tube to wear around her neck (she now looks like she is ready to go swimming). In addition to developing a secondary complication, Maize won’t sleep. The tube makes sleeping uncomfortable and she proceeds to wake me up in the middle of the night to: a) use the restroom, b) play, c) be a general nuisance. Part of me feels sorry for her. She doesn’t want to wear the tube, can’t sleep and is generally leading boring days. It’s really as if she has been sentenced to wear the cone/tube. I just keep thinking, “Man, what a burden. She is stuck with something she doesn’t want.”

When I am not at home tending to the cone-head, I have been spending time at work talking to people within our industry about our own burden—misconceptions towards window film. There are so many incorrect ideas about film floating around and trying to battle these misconceptions has really been tiresome for everyone. Just like my pup and her cone, we can’t lose these misconceptions and we definitely don’t want to have them following us around. Somewhere along the way, possibly in the early days of window film, an image was created for the product. This image consists of purple automotive film, dark interiors and spending loads of cash. You and I know these are all untrue, but how many times have you had to explain to someone that these are incorrect? How do you defend against these misconceptions and where do you think they came from?

In our up-coming May-June issue of Window Film magazine we took a look at five of these misconceptions and explained why there were not true. When your issue arrives check out the story and let me know what misconceptions you want to add to the list.


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