Patent Assigned for Window Film Anchoring Device

June 23rd, 2011 by Editor

A patent was assigned this week for a window film anchoring device to Innovative Security Concepts in Columbus, Ohio.

The abstract of the patent states, “A window film anchoring having at least one film retaining limb, one frame retaining limb and central area, with the central area disposed between the at least one film retaining limb and the at least one frame retaining limb. In some embodiments, the device may have at least one anchor limb confluent with the central area working surface with at least one anchor ridge releasably engagable with at least one portion of a window frame. Windows barbs and anchor barbs may help attachment the device in use. In some embodiments, the body has a uniform material composition throughout, and may be attachable with double-sided tape, particularly with a heat activated double-sided tape. In another embodiment, the window film anchoring device may have a body with at least one film retaining limb at least one frame retaining limb and at least one central area having at least one bend promoting area.”

The application for a patent was filed by Sam Elzein on Feb. 11, 2009.

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