July 21st, 2011 by Editor

My name is Katie and I am a blogaholic. If there is one thing that the majority of people, including my family and friends, don’t know about me it is probably that I am addicted to blogs. While I really enjoy writing in this blog, my true obsession is finding people that I sort of, kind of, barely know and spying on them through their blog. Yes, this makes me sound like a creeper, but a really well-written blog is like a slice of pie to me. Every evening around 9 p.m. I sit down with my laptop and check my memorized blogs (yes, I have the web addresses memorized) daily and follow anxiously as the bloggers get married, have babies and get creative.

While I consider my drug of choice an anomaly, I also am about to “out” a coworker of mine. Our advertising coordinator, Ally Curran, is the most blog-obsessed person I know. She actually has created an RSS feed just for all the blogs within our office. She knows before anyone else in our office when a new one is up and will have read and responded to the blogger before the rest of us even know it’s there.

So what is so interesting about these blogs to Ally and I? And what is it that makes a blog a “must-read?” I think it’s the power of human connection. If you were writing a blog and had 200 followers who would check back just to see what was on your mind they must be interested in what you have to say and want to connect with you as a person. Now imagine you did that with your business. If every time a customer walked in to your shop you presented yourself as a caring and interesting person and you decided to make yourself and your company memorable do you think those customers would bring you up in conversation with friends? Do you think they would bring their other cars to you versus another local shop? Would they decide to apply window film to the back half of their house or maybe tell her boss about what a difference your company made and that the office should invest in some film?

While I am sure that all sounds great, I bet you are asking me how to do that. Well I can tell you this—what draws me to a blog is a personal connection. Try to connect to your customer and find things you can relate to. Share a funny story with them about your kid while they are waiting. Maybe show them some designs you are working on for a vehicle wrap and ask their opinion. Showing that you value their time and thoughts can go a long way. In addition, little details can make a big difference. Create a worksheet for kids to color if you are installing film at their house or if they are waiting in your shop. This can double as an educational tool and the parents might even glance over at it. Get business cards for your installers and have them give a card to every customer they work with. Find ways to connect to the customer and they will keep coming back. Above all else always be inviting and friendly. A smile and a laugh can make the customer’s experience so much better.

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