Florida Kids Attend “Film School”

August 25th, 2011 by Editor

Some kids are preparing to head back to school, but the students at AMIkids School in Palmetto, Fla., are already learning something new. The kids from the non-profit school for troubled youth spent more than three days with Paul Mello, the owner of Tint Shark in Bradenton, Fla.

“I helped teach part of a lesson pertaining to energy efficiency so it was only natural for me to start thinking of ways we could incorporate solar control window film into a future lesson,” says Mello. “While in one of the classrooms I noticed there was only one window and it was covered with cardboard because the mini blinds were damaged. This naturally led me to investigate the other windows in the building and I soon realized this building was a good candidate for a rebate toward the installation of solar control window film.”

Instead of just selling the school on an installation Mello decided to offer knowledge to the students.

“I didn’t want to just offer a free installation I wanted to involve the students because I knew they would gain so much from being involved in the whole process,” says Mello.

With donations of film from SunTek Window Films and flat glass training manuals from the the International Window Film Association (IWFA), Mello was able to put together an educational program that involved hands-on installation. The school’s science teacher participated with a lesson about glass, film and solar energy.

“After the students had time to digest the lessons learned from the training manuals I came into the school for a ‘questions and answers’ session,” says Mello. “During this time with the students I asked if there were any students that were familiar with window tinting and most responded positively, but only in reference to auto tinting. Most students assumed all window films were for cars and buildings so I had to explain the differences.”

After the classroom lessons and a question and answer session, Mello allowed students to observe and even participate in the installation of film on the school windows.

“The total installation took approximately two days and we allocated the last couple of hours to be a student participation phase. Some of the students were allowed to leave their classrooms and watch the installation up close and there were many that actually wanted some hands-on experience using tools during the installation.  I think we may have sparked an interest in a few future window tinters.”

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  1. I only met Paul once, but was impressed with his demeanor and thoughtfulness. I am not surprised that he would “put people first,” and teach them something at the same time. Great way to go, Paul!

  2. A film school is a good idea ,as installers are primadonas and as a industry we need to keep teaching and bringing in new people into our industry.

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