Tint-Off Contestants Enjoy Calm Before the Competition

September 9th, 2011 by Editor

With one week left before the International Window Film Tint-Off and Conference™ contestants are making final preparations for their trips to Memphis. This year’s Tint-Off features a variety of contestants, ranging in age, experience and location. One of the veteran competitors, George Nevarez Jr., owner of Precision Films of Nashville, is at peace as the competition approaches.

“I feel okay about next week. I was in the 2004-2005 competition so I don’t have any butterflies or jitters this year,” says Nevarez.

“I really didn’t have any nerves until just now when you called,” says James Williams, owner of Shade Tree Glass Tinting in Metairie, La. “Overall I am feeling really good. I’ve been really paying attention to minor details that would typically pass by the average customer and I have been working to be perfect.”

Other contestants are looking forward to more than just the Tint-Off. Ron Talley, owner of Midwest Tinting Inc., is hoping to take away some education from the conference.

“I’m excited and have never been to Memphis so I’m looking forward to it,” says Talley. “I’d like to get some knowledge out of the other stuff that will be going on as well. We are planning to take a couple accreditation tests with the IWFA while we are there.”

Contestants’ expectations for the event are all the same. They want to win the grand prize. With so many tinters vying for the same title the competitive spirit is already alive.

“We’ve been spending some time figuring out what kind of materials to bring,” says Talley. “Hopefully I will win.”

Other contestants, like Williams, feel as if they have already gained a lot of helpful knowledge just by signing up.

“The Tint-Off has made me think about what I can do to be even better,” says Williams. “I will be able to take that way further than just the competition. Whether I win or not, I will still take home a lot of knowledge just from preparing.”


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