Energy-Efficiency Remains a Major Focus at Greenbuild

October 6th, 2011 by Editor

The window film industry has staked its claim at the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Greenbuild show, held for the first time outside the United States. The event opened Tuesday night at the Metro Toronto Convention Center and a number of window film companies were on hand to offer information on “greening” windows after installation.

“We’re trying to sell energy conservation,” said Rob Heber at Solutia Performance Films.

To that end, the company is drawing attendees in its booth to see…rather, feel…for themselves how its EnergLogic Series of films can block heat. As Heber explained, the product is able to upgrade a single-pane window to the performance of a double-pane window.

Solar Gard, meanwhile, is focusing on energy retrofits. The company’s Sentinel series includes 10 films that can be applied to the exterior of a window. Lawrence Constantin, vice president of sales, explained that this product is really geared toward those areas that are difficult to apply from the inside, such as skylights. It’s an immediate solution for “greening” a building, he pointed out.

Solar Gard is one example of a company that is breaking down the barriers between film suppliers and glass suppliers; as of October 3, Saint Gobain had finalized its acquisition of the film company.

Pleotint is another such company. The supplier of the sunlight-responsive film, that when applied to glass creates a dynamic glazing product, has a booth at the show. Fred Millet is demonstrating to attendees how the product reacts to heat, but, as he pointed out, he’s not the only one. “Southwall’s  displaying our product, PPG is displaying our product, so we’re able to say it’s not just us – it’s an industry-wide thing.” Both companies have recently announced partnerships with Pleotint.

Greenbuild continues through October 6.

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