Viva La Film

November 3rd, 2011 by Editor

Last year at SEMA I told you that it was all about paint protection film. While this is definitely still the case I have been hearing a new tune. While paint protection demos are still speckling the show floor and tinters are still looking for more info on the product, many attendees are looking at their roots again. When it comes to the basics of the industry, many tinters just want to refine what they do best- installing window film.

Out of the tinters and manufacturers that I have been talking to they say what they really want to see is window film. When it comes down to it the industry is going back to basics. Add-on’s like paint protection film and vehicle wraps are always going to draw attention, but many tinters are focusing on what is guaranteed to bring in revenue- good old fashioned window film.

In addition to a focus on traditional window film, the floor has been packed with the international community. Representatives from all over the world were perusing the floor and introducing themselves. While many exhibitors are expecting a different crowd as the week proceeds the early crowd featured a lot of international members of the industry.

Stay tuned to for more updates on the SEMA Show.

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