Bad Reputation

December 1st, 2011 by Editor

The rumors being reported by the media are true. I am a married woman. The wedding took place just two days before SEMA and I wasn’t about to miss the biggest show of the year. My new husband, Pat, traveled to Vegas with me and, like any man in his 20’s, he drooled over the fantastic cars and trucks on display. After spending a week in Vegas listening to me talk about window films and tinting, Pat picked up on a thing or two.

A week later, while on our honeymoon riding on a shuttle bus inCosta Rica, attempting to escape from the daily grind, my new husband turned to me and says, “Have you noticed how terrible the tint jobs are here? The film is bubbling and in some places has totally peeled off. Plus, it definitely has that purple color.”

I agreed and we chatted for a minute about window film. Then I sat in silence and wondered how I managed to find a way to discuss window film while on my honeymoon. At first I thought maybe I am just contagious and the week spent in Vegas at SEMA infiltrated his brain. Then it hit me. Window film is everywhere. It’s not that we are obsessed with window film (really, I’m not!), but you can’t escape it. It’s a worldwide product with global appeal.

The real lesson here though is that Pat noticed the film. If this had been a well-done film job with high-quality product it wouldn’t have caught his eye. Unfortunately the majority of consumers who notice film notice it because of negative reasons. This means when consumers think about our product they are thinking about bad installs and ugly films—not the best reputation to have.

The fact that the industry continues to grow despite having a tough rap, shows how valuable the product is. People can see the value despite the fact that the product is usually only noticed when it is not working properly. I guess that’s when you know you have something worthwhile on your hands.

What’s the craziest film install you have ever seen? Have you thought about using that to market your quality installs? Share you stories with me by emailing


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  1. Congratulations on your marriage Katie, wish you and Pat all the best! Nice article too, I think my wife and I talked about tint on our honeymoon too… it happens.

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