Holiday Deals Popular Among Window Film Shops

December 15th, 2011 by Editor

Tis the season to snag a great deal. While Black Friday sales were all the rage for bargain shoppers, window film shops are cashing in on the Christmas commercial season as well. Coupons in newspapers, gift certificates and upgrades are just some of the tools that shops are employing to bring the customers in the door.

Chris Howard, owner of Howard’s Custom Tinting in Millington,Tenn., has been offering a 10-percent off coupon and free film removal.

“We have seen a really good response to the free film removal,” says Howard. “If people can save $100-150 on removal they are going to come to us.”

Howard has been using different platforms to advertise the holiday deals, including taking an ad in the newspaper and promotion through Facebook.

Other companies, including Precision Films of Nashville, purchase television commercial time and use websites and shopper inserts to advertise the special deals.

“We’ve used all avenues of advertising,” says owner George Nevarez.

The company’s most popular holiday promotion has been offering a free film upgrade.

“Through our advertising we tell them to call us and we will give them an upgrade on the line of film they choose. We do a lot of those this time a year,” says Nevarez.

While the Christmas season is typically not overly busy for window film shops, the extra Christmas promotions do bring in some extra business.

“We probably sell about an extra eight to ten jobs,” says John Cusick, owner of Tint Guy in Fairfield, Ohio. “We offer a $99 tint job on a second vehicle of equal or lesser value.”

Cusick also begins running discounts on every tint job on December 1 through the end of the holiday season.

“We might only get one out of every ten customers to partake in the second vehicle discount, but that is still $100 in your pocket that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

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  1. We at Klingshield offered free hand held alarm systems with every smash and grab window tint and that brought the in. The way to get business is to be creative and offer more that your compeditor can offer. Everybody is looking for something special. Good luck for the new year. Leon Levy

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