Why I Hate Resolutions

January 5th, 2012 by Editor

I don’t particularly mind New Year’s Eve celebrations and there is something to be said for champagne, dumb hats and noise makers, but the resolutions drive me bananas. Each year my inner dialogue kicks in and it has gone a little something like this.

2007: This year I am going to lose weight!

2008: This year I am really going to lose weight!

2009: This year I am going to TRY to lose weight.

2010: I’m been trying to lose weight all year, but maybe saying it on New Year’s will make a difference.

2011: I’m getting married this year so I HAVE to lose weight.

2012: I can’t believe I didn’t lose all the weight I wanted to in 2011!!!! (I feel like a Cathy comic strip right now).

So this year I have decided that I am just going to do what I can manage. In other words set goals instead of resolutions this year. What a simple concept!

I find this translates to your professional life too. I’m sure we have all had moments where we have taken on too much, whether by choice or necessity, and we inevitably drop the ball or miss something important. It’s all about moderation (tell that to my taste buds) and delegation (see the upcoming Jan-Feb issue and read Donna Wells’ thoughts on staffing). Maybe you have a thousand ideas that you want to implement in 2012 and five days into the New Year you are already wondering if it will be possible. Prioritize your goals and focus on what is most important to you.

I think the other key to these New Year’s “goals” is to not be too hard on yourself (yes, I am preaching to myself too). Be realistic with your expectations for your business. Is it really feasible for your company to expand in 2012? Do you have the staff to take on more business? If you don’t meet all of your goals by the end of December then re-adjust your goals for 2013. Resolutions shouldn’t break you down. So, what goals have you made for 2012?

Now I will get off my soapbox and put my gym shorts on. Nice to see you, 2012.

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