Change, Meet My Friend Denial

February 2nd, 2012 by Editor

I wouldn’t say I despise change, but I certainly am the type of person who needs time to adjust. This has become clear to me this week as I avoided SportsCenter and tried to ignore all news stories pertaining to one person in particular. You see, I am a big Peyton Manning fan. I graduated from the University of Tennessee and Peyton is a hero in Knoxville. So the news this week that he may not recover from neck surgery enough to play was heart-breaking (I may have actually prayed for his healing—don’t judge me). That news was, of course, followed by rumors of him leaving the Colts and even retiring.

One night this week my husband and I were watching ESPN and he turned to me and asked, “What do you think is going to happen to Peyton?”

In the spirit of confident denial I simply said, “He’ll play.”

Well I’m getting nervous, folks (and dreading that I am wrong in front of my husband). I’m now crossing my fingers that we haven’t seen the last of my favorite athlete. You can only be in denial so long before the ugly truth forces you to face the music.

We certainly know a thing or two about change here in the window film industry. Only so many acquisitions can happen before it really sinks in that the industry is shrinking. Just last Friday we broke the news that Solutia had been acquired by Eastman. Another major window film manufacturer is being brought under another company’s wings. In 2011, we saw Solar Gard Specialty Films move to Saint-Gobain and we saw Solutia acquire Southwall Technologies. I wonder if the manufacturers’ acquisitions and mergers mean something to window film dealers. Does it concern you? Are you more concerned with increasing business in-house than what the film suppliers are doing?

 However, the wonderful part about our industry is that we have a product with a lot of value. While the industry may go through bouts of shrinking and growing, there is a demand for our product and the future certainly looks bright for energy conservation products. We are forever changing and adapting and that is one thing that I know I am not in denial about.

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  1. We are living in a fact changing world and nothing is forever. The biggest challenger facing the window film industry, is the changes the car manufactures are making and the competition from the Koreans for the USA window film manufactures.
    Many new cars have started coming standard with shatterproof high performing tinted windows ,and more and more will be following this trend.This is a change that will effect our industry.
    The consumers all over the world are calling for these changes, as the world has become a more violent place to live in.
    Bomb explosions, pretrol bombing and violent attacts on car windows is a real problem in todays world.Safety window film has been a solution to these problems in many countries.
    This is the reason the manufactures have now realized the need to improve the performance of their car windows.
    Also with the increases in the price of petrol and the problem of carbon emmision ,manufactures have to improve on their performances in these areas. High performing windows will reduce tempretures inside of the cabins, creating in a saving on fuel and also reducing the amount of carbon emmsions.
    Where does this leave our industry as 50 percent of window film goes on car windows ?
    The Koreans are also now making better window film products at much lower prices, than the USA manufactures .Where does this leave the future of the of the American manufactures . Will they have to make changes to their pricing?
    As I say ” nothing is forever” and” thing will keep changing” Leon Levy Klingshield South Africa .

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