Court Documents Reveal Larose Case Full of Physical Violence

May 10th, 2012 by Editor

The original indictment filed against Yannick Larose included 16 charges ranging from damaging property to assault. Larose, who served as president of X-Vitres Teintees and was later affiliated with Pelti Vitres Teintees, pled guilty to five of these charges. The court documents obtained by Window Film magazine detail Larose’s relationships with other industry professionals and his alleged destruction of property belonging to others.

The court documents state that Larose without any justification and in the interest of acquiring something, misled or attempted to mislead Jean-Sébastien Boyer into carrying out an act using threats, accusations or violence. The documents specify that he forced Boyer to be a part of a trade association and prevented him from freely working in the window film industry.

The documents charge Larose with the same offense against Pier-Luc Paré, Christian Bouchard and David Thibeault. Charges of assault and battery against Paré, Bouchard, Thibeault and Boyer were also made.

Larose was also accused of five counts of  “intentionally or in disregard of the consequences of his act, caused by fire or explosion damage to a good that did not fully belong to him.” The locations include the Tech-Teinte trade, the Or du pare Brise trade, Or Tint trade, property of 9098-5698 Quebec, Inc.

“I am very pleased that the Quebec Provincial Police persevered with the long investigation that ultimately resulted in charges being laid against Yannick Larose,” says Christian Bouchard of Reflex Teinte. “I was one of the victims of his activities and, with his having pleaded guilty, justice will be well served.”

Larose was arrested in August of 2009 and released on bail. He will face sentencing on October 16 and the judge has been notified that the prosecutors intend to seek jail time in sentencing.

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  1. This guy belongs in jail. However, knowing the Canadian court system he’ll probably get off with a slap on the wrist and might not even do any time. We shall see…

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