Israeli Film Company Offers Protection to Hospitals

May 24th, 2012 by Editor

The Israeli film company, Sunshield Safety Coating Solutions Ltd., has developed a strong niche by providing and installing film in hospitals. In fact, it set a goal to install more than one million square feet of safety and security films on all the windows and glazing in major hospitals throughout Israel. So far, Sunshield has orders from 16 out of the 28 area hospitals.

Sunshield has spent years explaining the benefits to government officials and urging them to add protection to buildings in the area.

“The turning point was when officials saw a school building we had protected in southern Israel that was hit by a Kassam rocket. All the windows that had security film on them were shattered in place while all windows in an adjacent building collapsed and people were injured,” says Uriel Nathan, CEO and owner of Sunshield. “Due to several projects where we installed films that proved to be life-saving, we had presented a plan to the ministry of defense to budget and prioritize security film installations in strategic buildings throughout the country which were vital for the normal routine of life. The Israeli hospitals project is a direct result of our efforts.”

With so many plans for installation at different hospitals the project has proved to be challenging. Hospitals also provide additional challenges when it comes to patient safety.

“Working in three to four public hospitals at the same time is a very complex task, as the work needs to be completed fast and well. Our installers and project managers must work in perfect harmony with the hospital staff. There must be a very good understanding with the hospital executives of the importance of this strategic work. That’s why, for example, before entering each hospital we urge our contacts to notify by e-mail all staff members regarding the work that will be done so everyone is prepared and they know what to do,” says Nathan. “From the installer point of view we have instructed all our teams to pay extra attention to special circumstances such as working in operation rooms, heart patients, maternity wards and nurseries.”

Sunshield used Llumar eight mil clear and solar combined security films on all of the hospitals. A total of 25 Sunshield installers have been involved in this project.

“This is not our first project installing security films for hospitals,” says Nathan.  “In the second Lebanon War and in Operation “Cast Lead” we found ourselves working around the clock protecting hospitals in Northern and Southern Israel with missiles falling around us.  In these tense times of uncertainty the importance of this project taking place before the next military tension is of great strategic and psychological value.”

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  1. Huge job !

  2. With all the safety concerns in Israel as a result of terrorism it’s good to hear their government finally did the right thing and decided to install safety film in most of their hospitals. Huge job indeed, hope it all goes well.

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