And the Thunder Rolls

July 5th, 2012 by Editor

“What’s that sound?” I said.

“It’s just the wind,” responded my husband.

“No seriously that sounds bad,” I argued.

“Katie, why do storms freak you out so badly?” he (offensively) questioned me.

Well, for the record, the storm that freaked me out tossed trees into houses, disrupted power for millions of people and have left neighborhoods with piles with branches. I guess there was something to freak out about. At my own house a tree snapped and broke a four foot wide hole in my fence and allowed my pups to explore the neighbor’s yard yesterday (one ran and the other one desperately tried to figure out how to get back to our yard). Besides the hole in our fence we are counting ourselves lucky because we never lost power and had no damage to our house or vehicles.

Other areas of the country have been experiencing disasters as well. Colorado has been ravaged by wildfires that are swallowing homes and ruining property. Heat waves have hit much of the country and tropical storms have beat the Gulf Coast.

The question becomes how we deal with our surroundings when “the thunder rolls.” In the world of small business that symbolic thunder rolls often and without warning. Maybe a natural disaster knocks out your power or floods your shop. Maybe you have experienced a break-in or have been understaffed unexpectedly. What about the economy? That has been a disaster for so many small businesses. How have you responded? Are you paralyzed by fear (like I was last weekend)? Or do you plan ahead for the unexpected?

Has your shop experienced any disasters this summer? How were you prepared or how did you deal with it? Have any of the nationwide disasters brought you extra business?

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