More Competitors, More Competitiveness, More Winnings: The 2012 International Window Film Tint-Off™ Hosts More Competitors

July 30th, 2012 by Editor

With registration for the International Window Film  Tint-Off™ over, the final number of contestants in this year’s Architectural  and Automotive Divisions surmounts the previous year with record-breaking numbers! With more contenders,  the competitiveness and challenge is sure to be greater as the contestants vie  for the grand prize and title of “World’s Best.”

This year’s International Window Film Tint-Off™ – Automotive  Division will host 55 contestants in the two-day competition. In the first  round of the competition, each technician will have 20 minutes to complete a  film installation. The top ten technicians from the preliminary round then will advance to the finals round. Within the finals, technicians will have 60  minutes to complete a larger automotive window film installation. The first-place winner of the  Automotive Division will receive $10,000, a gold medal and trophy, as well as  bragging rights as the “World’s Best Automotive Window Film Tinter.” Second place  will receive $3,000 as well as a silver medal, and third will receive $1,000  and a bronze medal.

The International  Window Film Tint-Off™ – Architectural Division, last held in 2008, will have 13  competitors during this year’s competition. Within the competition, each  technician will have 60 minutes to complete an architectural film installation.  Industry veterans then judge the installation of the film.

The preliminary heats of the Tint-Off Automotive Division  will take place on Friday, September 21, during the IWFC Exhibition/Extravaganza  at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, Ky. The  Automotive Division finals and the Architectural Division competition will be held Saturday morning during the Exhibition/Extravaganza and the winners will be  announced Saturday evening at the Gala Awards Reception and Ceremony.

Registration is still available if you are interested  in attending the 2012 IWFC to view the Tint-Off competitions. Pre-registration  discounts are available until August 31 and you can register online at

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  1. The stakes are high and the competition is fierce this year. Good luck to all the contestants!

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