The Times They Are A-Changin’

August 30th, 2012 by Editor

I am a diehard Indianapolis Colts fan. My dad was born and raised in Baltimore and has followed the team since he was a child (even though they left us for Indy…). When I found out a few months ago that Peyton Manning was being traded to the Denver Broncos, I won’t lie, I was upset. It kind of felt like I’d lost a family member.

After watching Andrew Luck play in these past couple of preseason games, though, I know my Colts are in good hands. I was reluctant to let anyone else into the franchise, but I have to admit, even though Luck’s different I don’t mind the change. Dare I say, I even like him?

The sports world and window film industry are frequently changing. New film products are frequently introduced into the market which may replace old favorites, such as UCLA’s new transparent solar film and Heliatek’s flexible solar films (see today’s newsletter links). Peyton left Indy to pursue a new opportunity with Denver, just like former Window Film magazine editor Katie O’Mara is now leaving to pursue a new opportunity at graduate school.

As a side note and a fun fact, did you know that Luck attended Manning’s summer training camps when he was younger? This just seems so fitting since Katie has been training me these past few weeks. Despite my training, I’m still learning everything there is to know about the big leagues. Just as Luck hasn’t figured out the playing style of every team in the NFL, I am certainly not yet an expert in the window film industry. But just like Luck will learn the playing style of each of the other 31 defenses, I will learn the unique and intricate products and fields of the window film trade.

Andrew’s a little different than Peyton, just like I’m a little different than Katie. As new solar and energy-efficient innovations begin to flood the window film market, certainly those products will be different than what you may be used to. While nothing can ever entirely replace your old favorite, it doesn’t mean you can’t find something new that you like.

In my case, I now have two favorite teams to follow on Sundays. As I find myself cheering on both the Broncos and Colts this football season, I wish Katie the best of luck at grad school and thank all of you continuing to follow Window Film.

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  1. This article has got nothing to do with the window film industry. Kind Regards Leon Levy

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