Window Film Companies Employ Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales in Summer Months

August 2nd, 2012 by Editor

Throughout the hot and steamy months of summer local businesses have been pulling out all the stops to bring in new customers. For the window film industry, summer is particularly important because potential customers are experiencing sweltering heat in their vehicles and homes. Some companies are employing a coupon marketing strategy. Others are developing in-house marketing materials or advertising with local media.

“I’ve done $25 off a full window tint. I also offer discounts on both auto and flat glass,” says Brian Malone, owner of Solar Shield Window Tinting in Southern Oregon. “I hand each customer film care instructions that show the different services I offer so they keep us in mind for other service. We incorporated QR codes to go straight to the specific service page. I get in front of my customers what it is that I offer. What worked well before 2008 does not work anymore. We were busy from the Yellow Pages then, but now that the housing market has crashed it doesn’t work. I pulled out of them [the Yellow Pages] because it was a waste of money. Radio didn’t work for me and TV didn’t work for me.”

Malone is shifting his focus from the marketing methods of the past and spending time cultivating the company’s social media presence.

“We are working to have a good website and an active Facebook,” says Malone. “I want to start a blog and time it in with Facebook and Twitter.”

Some window film shops have not experienced a lot of benefits from marketing their business using coupon or deal websites.
“[Groupon] was a joke. It is outstanding for the consumers, but not for the retail business,” says Michael Phifer, owner of A-Class Window Tint in North Richland Hills, Texas.

“We were one of the first in our area to run a Groupon special. Only time will tell whether this was a great investment or a big flop,” says Russell Livernois, owner of Florida Window Films in Clearwater, Fla. “We sold almost 500 automotive installs in two days. It was hectic and exciting, but we were very unprepared for the huge amount of phone calls and emails to answer. If we decide to run a special again we will be better prepared. After all was said and done, we almost broke even. The true payoff will be word-of-mouth, repeat customers and local visibility.”

Since his experience with Groupon, Phifer sticks with managing all of his own online advertising with Google and Yahoo. In addition, his company has been offering summer discounts.

“We are offering 10 percent off all residential and automotive [film installations] for the summer,” says Phifer. “We are just looking to give everybody a break in the summer. If you can help the consumer I am all about it.”

For Livernois and his company, his main marketing strategies are sticking to what he knows will work.

“The best marketing technique is getting out there and hitting the pavement. During the summer months we do a lot of door knocking on local businesses doing our best to inform them of the many benefits of our products,” says Livernois. “Local power company rebates have been a great tool in getting our foot in the door and convincing potential clients of the benefits available.”

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  1. We have also been trying to use the internet more, especially social media with facebook and twitter. We’ve also recently started a blog. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. you can easily expand and advertise your business using social media marketing to publish your services regarding post on them on daily basis.

  3. Great article! We are also using marketing to promote our business! So far it is working great. We had a few hiccups trying to find the right stratedgy but once we did our phone rings off the hook. Hopefully it will stay this way during the winter months. That is the true test!! Wish us Luck!

  4. Would you mind sharing what kind of marketing (online, direct mailer, etc.) has working for you in the winter months?

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