Efficiency Was the Theme for Today’s IWFC Seminars

September 22nd, 2012 by Editor

In their presentation “Exterior Films – How and When?,” Mark Carlson, business development manager, and Dennis McMullin, western regional sales, from HanitaTek Window Films, discussed the options and need for installation of exterior films. The presentation, given for the International Window Film Conference in Louisville, Ky., explained how installers can gain a higher quantity and more efficient workload.

During the interactive seminar, Carlson noted that knowing when and how to use exterior films could boost the efficiency and sales for a company. He also discussed the lifespan of the films and how to turn their anticipated failure into a sales opportunity. For businesses that already have film installed on the interior, a far more cost effective option than removing and reinstalling a new interior film is to install an exterior film.

Bids for exterior films are going to be more openly and readily received by most companies since this will not impede their daily business functions, particularly when working with medical and governmental buildings. “By offering [to install exterior films], you will win jobs you would have otherwise had out of reach,” said Carlson.

Additionally, the anticipated failure of the unit offers the opportunity to offer discounts if customers are willing to sign a contract for replacement work completed at a guaranteed rate when the unit fails noted one attendee.

Joanne Schultz, creator of ProTint software, conducted a seminar entitled “Using a Management System to Better Your Business as a Whole” at the IWFC today, which also explained methods for running a more efficient business that helps to increase workloads.

The presentation, based on her experiences owning a window film company that caused her to create her business management software, exemplified the organizational tools she thinks will help window film companies streamline their efficiency.

Some software highlights Schultz recommends finding are scheduling, bidding, inventory, film information, purchasing, billing, business tracking, payroll, job costing and human resources. By utilizing a web-based software system to track these portions of the business, owners can more easily contact installers and sales team members while delegating work, organizing jobs and customers, managing inventory and ultimately working in a more efficient, simpler manner.

Knowing your product and your product’s limitations were the central theme of Scott Haddock’s presentation “Tips and Techniques for Safety and Security Films.” The vice president of the Protective Glazing Council (PSG) noted that efficient security film installers know how to handle and guage their product.

His top tip was to make sure you know your fenestration can handle the type of security breach that you’re applying film for. The best security film can not hold up a window that was poorly installed.

Haddock also stated, “you’ve got to know what you can’t do. You’ve got to know what you can do and what you can’t do.” Efficient installers understand the full scope of the product being installed, according to Haddock.

The IWFC concluded tonight in Louisville, Ky., with a special Gala Awards Reception and Ceremony.

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