Paul Tauchar Explains Time Management at IWFC

September 20th, 2012 by Editor

In his seminar, Time and Territory Management, conducted for the International Window Film Conference, Paul Tauchar, owner of Solar Control of Jackson, Miss., explained, “time is life. You can get more money, you can’t get more life.”

Following this idea, Tauchar used his seminar time to explain how to best manage time while operating a business. Arguably, one of the most important recommendations Tauchar gave was to delegate. He said that one thing all business owners need to know is “if you free up x amount of hours, you would save how much money.”

Tauchar offered his own experience in delegation. “I’m not good at laying film, so I don’t, he said. “It would take me twice as long than one of my installers. I’m better at sales, so that’s what I do.”

When delegating, Tauchar recommended that owners simply tell those they’ve delegated to what needs to be done, not how to do it. “Give them a reward when they do something well. Focus on reward for achievement, not punishment for errors.”

Tauchar, a fan of the book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, recommends breaking tasks down into quadrants based on importance and focusing on tasks that are important but not urgent, since these are often the most time consuming. Tauchar also recommends breaking sales territories into quadrants rather than trying to make sales throughout the territory daily. Focus on a sales quadrant one day a week, leaving yourself one day a week for the completion of any necessary paperwork from the other four days of sales.

Tauchar closed with this thought for business owners: “if you don’t have time to do it right, you don’t have time to do it wrong.”

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