This Year’s IWFC Tint-Off Champions Reflect on Marketing and the Industry

September 27th, 2012 by Editor

IWFC Tint-Off Competition winners, Jason Petty (left) and Hann Kim (right) anticipate changes after their respective automotive and architectural tint-off wins.

International Window Film Conference™ Tint-Off Competition winners for the automotive and architectural divisions, Jason Petty and Hann Kim, say their outlook on the future has changed since winning their respective titles this past Saturday in Louisville, Ky. Their outlooks on their abilities, as well as the prospect for bigger business do offer the chance for big changes.

“I think the greatest change so far for me is the realization that all the effort you put into this industry, when you install at your peak, optimum performance is recognized,” says Kim, CEO of STM (Solar Transmission Management) in Los Angeles and first-place winner of the architectural tint division. “It was nice to see the recognition I received from the International Window Film Association (IWFA) and my peers.”

“I think the biggest change I see is who I see looking back in the mirror now is a champion,” states Petty, first-place winner in the automotive tint competition and installer at Keltint Customs in Crossville, Tenn. “I have to live up to my title now. It’s a positive attitude change.”

This year’s winners hope to see a big boost in sales as a result of their increased visibility for their respective companies.

“We are approaching our 25 year in business so we’re using this as a launching pad to bring to the community our expertise and bring awareness to our quality of products in window film, as well as bring value to energy efficiency,” says Kim.

“In the area where I work, there are three shops within a 100-mile radius that say they’re the best; we’ve got someone else to say it for us,” adds Petty. “We’re definitely going to advertise it. Maybe it will help us stop losing business to bigger cities. We’ll definitely be advertising it as best as we can afford to.”

Though Petty and Keltint have yet to notice a jump in sales from the recent victory, Kim says that STM has “developed a lot of leads since winning this award.”

As the two champions reflect on their wins, they both agree that the competition this year was steep and all of the contestants were talented.

“I think everyone that has won in the past, definitely the finalists, have a lot of talent,” says Petty.

“All of the people I met, they all have the potential,” agrees Kim. “Everyone that showed up to the competition is there because they want to be the best. Everyone has a chance. Chris Brooks was able to place on both the automotive and architectural boards, in addition to his win last year. That’s amazing. The competition was very close. The top ten guys could have gone any way. I’m very fortunate to have won, but I could have very easily have been second or third. The competition is stiff.”

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  1. This reminds me of the Wizard Of Oz.

    These gents already had the skills and abilities. They simply needed someone to validate what was already there.

    All of us have the ability to do the same. .

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